Sunday, February 12, 2017

Phoenix Work From Home: Lack of Discipline Issues?

Phoenix Work From Home
Phoenix Work From Home
Many Phoenix work from home employees have good intentions about waking up nice and early at 7:30, eating a light breakfast, and working their full 8 hour work day. However, many of those same individuals also sleep until 9, feel like making an extraordinary lunch, and have their favorite TV coming on at 4:00. How do you work from home while keeping yourself disciplined?

One of the first things is to remove the need for discipline as much as possible. No, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to work. It means that if you have your favorite show coming on at 4:00 but don’t expect to finish your 8 hours by then, you create a regular schedule that incorporates the TV show time. Do you usually take breaks? Work through some of those normal break times and make the show your break!

The idea is that there are some parts of the day you will never convince yourself to work through. It is better to schedule them in and work around them then to keep trying what doesn’t work.

Phoenix Work From Home
Phoenix Work From Home
Don’t wait until the best moment to get to work. If you wait until you feel like it or until everything is perfectly aligned to start working on a project, it will be all too easy to make excuses to put off your Phoenix work from home responsibilities. Having a headache, being a little tired, and falling behind on dishes may at some point seem like a valid reason to postpone work. If you get into the habit of tackling work as soon as it comes up, these excuses will carry less and less weight.

The last method is to set deadlines and reward yourself for success. If you hit a deadline, maybe you take yourself to lunch or take a three-day weekend. You shouldn’t reward yourself beyond what is practical, but remind yourself that you succeeded and do something to recognize it.

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