Friday, October 21, 2016

Flipping Females Program Helps Empower Women Seeking Phoenix Home Income

This week saw a photo shoot for Flipping Females, a network that helps empower women and enables them to find a great Phoenix home income.  Flipping females is a part of the Matrix Real Estate Investor Network that wants to see more women involved in the house flipping business.  The group has been part of a documentary style TV show by the same name that helps tell the process of flipping a home here in the Valley of the Sun.

On October 20th, Flipping Females had a photo shoot to support Breast Cancer Prevention month.  The shoot was a great opportunity to spread word on this amazing local based group that are helping to change the face of the house flipping market.

Flipping Females helps its members to make the step into the house flipping business.  They work to not only educate and teach the principles of flipping houses, but to help their members have hands on experience.  They often take members to properties and give tours of the work that has been done, investments and choices made and help the newer members understand why and how things are getting done.  This is a great way to help set them up to earn their own Phoenix home income.

Although Flipping Females is centered on house flipping, its goals don't stop there.  The program goes beyond just making investments, in the words of Elizabeth Hooley, "It's about discovering and accessing our unique talents and gifts as women."  So, while you may be learning the technicalities of remodeling and making a profit, the program is helping you to explore your talents and gifts and how you can use those to better your own life.

If you're interested in getting involved in Flipping Females, you can visit The Matrix Real Estate Investor Network's website to sign up for seminars and other events with the ladies.

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